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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: The Waiting by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Publisher: Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
Pages: 305
Source: Litfuse Blog Tour
Category: Amish Fiction
Rating: 4/5


Lancaster County is home to an Amish Community. A close-knit community filled with a variety of personalities. Some who are content with small-town life, and others who wish to see the world. In 1965 Ben Zook is sent to Vietnam. serving as a conscientious objector. He's left behind Jorie King who is living with her grandparents. Jorie King has vowed to wait for Ben to return, and hopes he will ask her to marry him upon his return. Jorie has fallen in love with Ben Zook, a man not content with Amish life. Jorie has been patient and understanding, but she hopes Ben will mature, wish to settle down and marry her according to Amish standards. In the meantime Jorie becomes the newest school teacher, but faces many obstacles when parents do not approve of her teaching tactics. The goodness of Jorie's heart causes issues when she does something the English community disapproves of. Cal Zook, Ben's brother has become the newest minister in the community. He believes Jorie will be the perfect teacher to teach his younger brother Ephraim and daughter Maggie. Cal and his wife Mary-Ann have raised Ephraim since his parents death, and his brother Matthew has helped with the farm. When Mary-Ann suddenly becomes sick, and is diagnosed with cancer she welcomes death and hopes to demonstrate her unwavering faith to her loved ones. She believes this will comfort them, and will be a great lesson in life. Prior to Mary-Ann passing, Ben Zook is reported killed. His ashes are brought back to the community, and a funeral planned. The multiple tragedies strike in a matter of weeks, and Cal is filled with grief. He must accept the death of his brother and wife, while the community watches and openly judges him. Many members encourage Cal to remarry, while Cal wishes for the community to give him space and let him grieve. Cal seeks friendship with Jorie during their time of grief.

Overall Impression:

The Waiting is an inspirational, uplifting book. In the face of tragedy, faith is the comfort. Suzanne Wood Fisher has done it again, she has written an amazing story that had me glued to the pages. I will admit that I enjoyed 'The Choice' more but the Zook's captured my heart as well. I felt frustrated when the community was encouraging Cal to remarry, I really wanted him to move on at his own pace. Many twists and turns kept me thinking, and I never tired. I don't normally read books from the same author back to back but I really loved 'The Choice' and couldn't wait to pick up this one. This book was extremely enjoyable, and I was never expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. I'm really looking forward to the third book in the series. Suzanne Woods Fisher has one more fan, who is patiently waiting for the release of her upcoming book!

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