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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Publisher: Harperteen
Pages: 286
Source: Personal Copy
Category: Young Adult
Rating: 5/5


Five young girls, living in a small town of Philadelphia are admired by many, and envied by all. Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Allison were best-friends in seventh grade. Their lives had it's normal teenage up and downs, until their whole world was suddenly rocked. Allison goes missing, and no one has any idea if she is alive or dead. The whole town becomes panicked. The disappearance of Allison is devastating for the girls, and they become the 'friends of the missing girl.' Allison was the pack leader, and without her the girls become lost. The police question the girls, and they mostly cooperated but some details are held back to hide their dirty, horrible secret. Of course, everyone has their secrets...

The girls lives quickly change and they find themselves moving on and drifting apart. A few years after the disappearance, Allison is still missing and the girls are living separate lives. Spencer the 'goody-two-shoes' finds herself not-so-secretly coveting her sister's boyfriend. Aria moved to Iceland but is now back in town and smitten with a young, handsome teacher, the feeling was mutual until realized she was his student. Hanna is fighting to stay in control of her looks, and Emily is confused when feelings emerge for her new best friend. When secret message surface the girls quickly become worried. A secret messenger, by the name of 'A' knows far too much about the girls. The messages become more and more disturbing, revealing dark secrets only Allison knew. One thing is certain, these message make it clear that someone is currently watching them. Who is the mysterious 'A'? The girls each begin to wonder if Allison is alive. Can they possible put aside their new lives to confront each other about 'A'?

Overall Impression:

When I picked up 'Pretty Little Liars' I didn't think I would find a new series I would fall in love with. I thought I would read it, put it aside and move on. I read it, ran to the local bookstore for book two, and was distraught when it wasn't in stock...I came home ordered it, and ran home everyday to see if I received it in the mail. 'Pretty Little Liars' is very unique, the story alternates from each girls perspective. This technique really made me fall in love with each character, and understand where they are coming from. Each girls has their very real demons. I really think this book should be read by older teens, there is some mature subject matter. Some of those things contained in the book are sex, alcohol and marijuana. I think that should be noted for parents. Although, there are some things that I would rather not read about, I liked the real-life circumstances the girls face. These things are very much apart of high school. The teenage emotions and hormones run wild. There are so many unanswered questions, and I can't wait to continue reading. Yes, I am giving it five-stars because the story itself was spellbinding. I found myself running away with my book any chance I got, I needed to keep reading...

Good news! I received book two today!

Did I mention, I bought book 3 and ordered book 4?

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