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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Publisher: Revell
Pages: 298
Source: Publisher/Litfuse Tour
Category: Amish Fiction
Rating: 5/5


Jonah Riehl has been trying his best to raise his daughter on his own. Living in an Amish community in Ohio, Jonah strives to raise an obedient daughter. One who would serve the Lord before all else. Life has been anything but easy. One terrible night, a buggy accident changed his life forever. His wife, Rebecca was killed, he was gravely injured but miraculously their infant daughter was unhurt. Wrapped in a blanket, little Bess comforted her mother in her final moments. Bess gave her father the strength and determination to persevere. Jonah has been finding it increasingly difficult as a single parent, but Jonah is reluctant to remarry. His heart still remains with his wife, and together Bess and him will survive. When Jonah’s mother writes to request that Bess spend the summer with her, to help her recover from “woman surgery” Jonah encourages Bess to remain with him. When it’s evident that her report card will be arriving shortly, and her algebra exam did not go as planned, Bess decides to go to Rose Hill Farm. Bess is a little reluctant, her grandmother is a little rough around the edges, but she knows duty is essential in the Amish community. When Bess arrives at Rose Hill Farm she quickly realizes that her grandmother’s surgery was nothing more than teeth extraction. Although she is baffled that her grandmother would fabricate an issue to get her to come to visit, she is quickly smitten by her grandmothers hired hand. Billy is handsome, intelligent, and everything Bess believes she wants in a man. While Bess is settling in at Rose Hill Farm, Lainey O’Toole deals with some issues of her own. Her car has broken down in the same town where she grew up, and believing in divine intervention she decides to listen to the clues and stay a short while. She has saved every penny to afford to go to culinary school, and has everything planned out. In the meantime Lainey accepts a job offer at the local bakery. Her car needs to be fixed, and she still has a journey in front of her. She’s sure that her issues will be sorted out shortly, and it is nice to be back home. Although Lainey is content, she does have a deep, dark secret that she has been harbouring for fifteen years. One night when she was ten years old, motherless and afraid she made a decision. This decision affects many individuals at Rose Hill Farm, some are about to find out.

Overall Impression:

Disclosure: I cried. I don’t cry when reading, and I cried. I think that’s a sign that this is a 5 star review. I loved every bit of this book, I was hanging on by every world, and each sentence had me more captivated then the one before.This is the third book in the Lancaster series, and I think this one has been my favourite. The Lancaster series is always filled with drama, and life choices. I really enjoyed book 1 (The Choice) but “The Search” was so heartwarming. Suzanne Woods Fisher constructed these characters that I fell in love with, I’m was carried through their journey, and was instantly hooked. Each character is authentic, genuine and realistically flawed. I was completely absorbed into their world, and I was sad when I closed the book after completion. Suzanne Woods Fisher is an extremely talented author, “The Search” is a riveting tale that must be read. A powerful story of forgiveness, reconciliation, and love. This book will warm your heart, and leave you seeking the goodness that may be hidden, but is unfailingly surrounding each and every one of us. A must read!

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