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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer

Publisher: B&H Books
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Category: Amish Fiction

Tricia Goyer brings her readers on a breathtaking Amish journey in “Beside Still Waters.” A family unlike the others, scarred by the past and afraid of the future. Marianna is 19 years-old and has everything planned out. She has every intention of being the perfect Amish daughter and making it up to her parents for her lost siblings. Marianna may be the oldest daughter, the one who takes care of the children and the home but she is also the daughter who survived. Two sisters died in a buggy accident the day Marianna decided it was time to enter the world. Every year her birthday was mixed with celebration and sadness. Now, her brother Levi has decided there is more to life than the Amish ways and he has left the community. Marianna must become the role model for her younger siblings. Marianna always knew that the one daughter who lived, was never able to replace the two that were lost. While she wore their clothes, played with their toys and slept in their room, Marianna yearned for a life of her own. A life where she didn’t feel overshadowed. Life was going just as Marianna expected, she was waiting for Aaron Carter to ask her on a date, she was going to enter the church, and she would soon settle down and become a wife and mother. However, her father decided that he must move the family to Montana. Marianna reluctantly agrees to travel with the family, hoping to return in six months to marry Aaron Carter. Montana brings about many life challenges. For the first time in her life Marianna is questioning her ways of life, and her love for God. Could there possibly be more to life than the Amish ways?

“Beside Still Waters” was a fresh perspective on Amish life. I’ve read quite a bit Amish fiction, and I really enjoyed this one. There is a lot of Amish fiction on the market, and many of them seem repetitive. This one is different, this one is great. Tricia Goyer is incredibly talented, and her character development is phenomenal. Her characters are written with love, and their emotions always realistic. This is not just about the “good” and the “bad” in this world, this is about the “grey” element. A wonderful read, and highly recommended.

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