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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Brightly Wovenby Alexandra Bracken

Publisher: Egmont
Pages: 354
Source: Publisher


Sixteen year old Sydelle grew up in Cliffton. A small town plagued with many years of drought. Sydelle has always dreamed of leaving Cliffton and exploring the world. When a young wizard named Wyland North comes to Cliffton and ends the drought. Sydelle's father, the town elder is very appreciative and promises him anything he wants. North asks to take his daughter Sydelle, the town weaver. Sydelle wakes to find her belongings being packed by her mother, and her father telling her that she must go. Sydelle's dream to leave Cliffton, was a dream. She always expected to marry her childhood friend and remain in Cliffton. Sydelle is reluctant to go, she's bewildered by North and does not understand why he has decided to choose her. When North doesn't tell her why he has chosen her, she is very resentful of North and hurt by her parents abandonment. Together, North and Sydelle must rush to the Capital and warn of an imminent, unnecessary war. Hoping to put an end to war. Along the way they encounter sudden earthquakes and unpredictable, unnatural weather. They begin to be pursued by Reuel Dorwan, a dark wizard and old friend of North. Dorwan has taken an interest in Sydelle. As the journey continues Sydelle begins to piece together her own mystery, and discovers a dark secret of North's. A sinister curse threatens North's life, a curse with no known cure.Her resent towards North subsides and they begin to bond and fall in love.

Overall Impression:
I really want this to become a series...I loved this book! It was amazing. I do enjoy Young Adult fiction, and I do enjoy a great fantasy novel. Alexandra Bracken kept me interested and intrigued every step of the way. The story is well paced and is filled with many twists and turns. I loved Sydelle's reactions, her feelings changed gradually and their story was imaginable. I was afraid we would have another Young Adult book with a love triangle, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Sydelle held her own, she is not the damsel in distress. She is a heroine. I really, really hope Bracken makes this into a series!

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  1. I don't read too much fantasy, but this one sounds good.

  2. Interesting review, Jennifer! It looks like this book might work as a movie too. I will look for it in the library.

  3. I do love that cover and your review makes me think... maybe.. I can't! I still have your other book!