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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Pages: 363
Source: Personal Copy
Category: Young Adult
Rating: 5/5


Meghan Chase has always felt like an outsider, a nobody. Her best friend Robbie is her one and only friend. High School seems unbearable, and the only thing Meghan is looking forward to is obtaining her drivers license. Her step-father scorns technology, and her family has little money. Meghan feels almost invisible on a daily basis, even in her own home. Her High School crush teases and taunts her. These problems only scratch the surface. Meghan's life may seems boring, simple, and non eventful but her world is literally about to change. Her four-year-old step-brother has gone missing. A horrible, misbehaved changeling has taken the form of Ethan. Only Meghan is able to see this is not her true brother. She should have listened to Ethan when he was afraid of the monsters in his closet. Meghan has just turned sixteen, and she thinks she going crazy. Robbie also has a secret, he is not who he seems. Before she knows it Meghan enters the faery world. Dangerous, manipulative creatures are lurking every where. When Robbie is hunted by a dark prince, Meghan is forced to brave this nightmarish world by herself. She makes a deal with a talking cat named Grimalkin who promises to help her find Robbie. Meghan soon finds out she is the daughter to King Oberon, and despised by his Queen. As much as she wants to find her brother, no one seems to be interested in helping her. Meghan must escape the Seelie court and find her brother in Nevernever land. Along the way, she has Ash, the Winter Prince and Grimalkin. Both have their reasons for helping her, both seeking their own reward.

Overall Impression:

Wow, the faery elements of this story are fantastic. The Iron King balances fantasy, romance and action. I was completely drawn into the story, and didn't want to put the novel down. This book is filled with magical, mysterious, mythical characters. Danger begins within the first few pages, and the details of the faery world creates a fast-paced, page-turner. The romantic element between Meghan and the Winter Price is very subtle, and I am excited to see how their relationship progresses. They unfortunately have a Romeo-Juliet type relationship, and I hope the different courts can come to terms with their love. I am also interested in seeing how Meghan balances human world vs Nevernever. Will she be able to balance both?

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