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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Publisher: Riverhead Books/Penguin
Pages: 324
Source: Publisher (ARC)
Rating: 5/5


A story of love, loss and heartbreak. Readers will be immersed in a magical, captivating love story that spans many centuries. Reincarnation has brought two people back together over several centuries and only one has the ability to remember. Daniel and Sophia have lived many lives. Through many lives, and many bodies Daniel has loved her. He has loved Sophia from the first time he met her, and unintentionally caused her great harm. Daniel, full of regret and guilt wants to prove his eternal love to Sophia. However, unable to control the universe, he is not always able to find her. Occasionally he has had to wait over 200 years to find her. When he does find her, many times he is unable to interact with her, due to age differences, tragedy or life circumstances. When she is married to your brother, you have to respectfully endure. When she's an old woman and you're a toddler, life can be difficult. Lucy is born first as Sophia and in each life has a different name. Daniel always manages to maintain his name, his unknowing parents sometimes are reluctant but he is adamant and manages to persuade each of them. This time Sophia is named Lucy and Daniel is determined to spend his life with her. The book spans from Daniel's earliest memory in 541 to present-day 2009. The narrative alternates between confused, present-day Lucy and Daniel's past memories and present situation. Daniel and Lucy are brought together in high school. Lucy is oddly drawn to a quiet, distance, familiar Daniel. She's not sure why he seems familiar, she doesn't remember seeing him before. What she doesn't realize is their souls are attracted to each other. Despite their attracted souls when Daniel goes too far and scares Lucy, their lives again begin to distance. Lucy always left wondering about that boy, and Daniel wanting the best for Lucy. When her life becomes endangered, Daniel is committed to keeping her safe. He believes he has caused too much turmoil in each of her lives.

Overall Impression:

I cannot give this book enough praise. When I began reading it, I was expecting another 'Time Traveler's Wife.' Which, I must admit is not a favourite of mine and I was scared to not enjoy this one either. Pleasantly surprised I was completely mesmerized by this novel. A few pages in and I couldn't put it down. Actually, sometimes I did put it down because I didn't want to finish it too quickly. I knew once it was done, I would have to leave the characters behind. I felt invested in Daniel and Lucy, I wanted so much for them. I am elated to find out that this will be a trilogy. Thank you Ann Brashares! I found this book to be magical, and beautifully written. The changing perspectives and lives, including names was not confusing at all and built the story wonderfully. Both characters were extremely likeable and I was really rooting for them throughout. This is definitely a must read!

This will be in my top 10 books read in 2010.


  1. I really like this cover. Something about sunshine on water makes me feel very relaxed. ;)

  2. I really liked this one too. I can't wait for the sequel!

  3. Yet another of the books that I HAVE to get on my shelves. I love your review.