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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Broken Wings by Carla Stewart

Publisher: Faith Words
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Category: Fiction, Christian Fiction

Brooke Woodson and Mitzi Steiner are two very different individuals who come together when Brooke is in desperate need of a friend. Brooke appears of have found the perfect man, with a recent proposal Brooke’s family is applying the pressure for them to set the date. Her mother insists that her biological clock is running out of time. When Brooke’s Fiance Lance announces he is campaigning to becomes Tulsa’s newest District Attorney he decides to set the date, and the venue plotting to have the perfect campaign. Brooke is almost the last person to learn the details. While everything seems quintessential on the outside, secretly Lance is nothing like he seems. When Brooke forgets an important event Lance strikes her, leaving her with a gash on the side of her face and a scar to remain. Brooke takes herself to the hospital, and is relieved when everyone believes her “accident” story, including her mother. Mitzi, a pink lady recognizes the signs of domestic abuse, and makes no secret of it to Brooke. She extends her hand and offers support immediately. While Brooke is reluctant to admit to Mitzi her circumstance, the two soon form an unforgettable bond.

Mitzi Steiner and her husband Gabe were a singing sensation, capturing the hearts of many for more than two decades but recently Gabe has been suffering from Alzheimer's. Mitzi visits with him everyday, doing everything she can possibly do to help Gabe but mostly he stares right past her. In an attempt to occupy her time, she volunteers at the local hospital. Brooke takes Mitzi up on her offer when a second attack lands her in the hospital, ashamed Brooke does not want her family to know the extent of her situation and she’s now officially afraid of Lance. Brooke’s mother admires Lance and hangs onto his every word. Her sister thinks everything can work itself out. While Brooke feels isolated, Mitzi is the perfect friend. Mitzi has a history of domestic violence, observing the destructive relationship of her parents, Mitzi was also a victim to her fathers rage. When her mother finally had enough they set out for a better life. Mitzi and her sibling unfortunately become orphans, soon adopted and when she’s old enough to leave Mitzi tries to make it on her own.

Both protagonists are very likable. Brooke is very strong, and doesn’t fall for Lance’s tactics very long. She’s soon living with Mitzi and determined to regain control over her life, which comes with many obstacles, Lance is manipulating, confident, and very influential in her world. The relationship between Brooke and her mother is very heart wrenching. Her mother tends to twist situations into a more favorable light. Brooke remains distant and eventually her mother has to come to terms with Brooke’s situation. Mitzi’s story will have to glued to the pages.

Broken Wings is deemed a Christian Fiction novel, but it is very much the mainstream novel. I loved every page, and each character was memorable. Carla Stewart has created an unlikely friendship, a friendship that’s real and captivating. Two women from very different backgrounds, two very different chapters in their life, come together and lean on each other. A must read, a book you will want to carry with you everywhere hoping to squeeze in a few pages.

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  1. I wonder what defines "Christian Fiction." I've read a couple other books that were categorized that way, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why. This book sounds good to me.

  2. Now that's what I call amazing! Loved your review and you had me spellbound wanting to know more on Broken Wings.

    Seriously amazing review Mrs. Q!

  3. What a lovely cover on Broken Wings. I don't read Christian Fiction as when I tried them in the past. I found them too preachy for me.

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Q, for this lovely review! As PK commented - amazing! Much appreciation from me. Blessings!