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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Rhythm of Secrets by Patti Lacy

Title: Rhythm of Secrets

Publisher: Kregel Publications
Pages: 320
Source: Litfuse Blog Tour
Category: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction
Rating: 5/5


Sheila Franklin is the preachers wife, she’s a strong upstanding citizen and she holds tight to her faith. What her husband and others don’t know, are far greater than they could ever have imagined? Sheila Franklin has a dark, hurtful past, a past that remains hidden. Sheila, or shall I say Sheba grew up with loving parents, a home filled with music, and great wealth. She was raised to believe everyone was on equal footing, something very unique during the 1940’s in New Orleans. Sheila wanted for nothing, and had it all, unfortunately a strange string of events begin to unfold and her life is changed drastically. Sheila endures a house fire, a fire which steals the lives of her parents. Quickly after the fire, she is shipped off to live with her loveless grandmother. A grandmother who despised her mother, and wants Sheila to forget about grieving. Sheba, a name given by her mother, is thought to be loathsome, and Sheba officially becomes Sheila. The life Sheila lives is very different from the home her parents raised her in, her grandmother is cold, collective and nothing like her mother. Sheila has a better relationship with the help, than her own kin. One summer Sheila is permitted to spend a few weeks with her Uncle. Thrilled, Sheila packs her things alleviated to be away for a few weeks. Although, Sheila never would have thought how significant these few weeks would be in her life. She never would have thought she would come home, a pregnant teenager. A teenager living in the 1960’s with not a lot of options. A grandmother who won’t stand for these actions. Since her indiscretions Sheila has carefully constructed her life, her marriage and her reputation. One phone call, a phone call that she has prayed for has finally come. Her perfectly performed role as the pastor’s wife is about to change. One the other end of her phone call is her son, the son she gave up for adoption. Samuel has his own intentions for contacting Sheila, and they may not be good natured. Sheila must now, more than ever keep her trust in God. Her future is looking murky, her marriage unsteady, and her reputation splintered.

Overall Impression:

This story really took me by surprise. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. When I started the book, within the first couple of pages I was hooked. The style, and plot really grasped my attention from the beginning. Patti Lacy shifts the setting often, flashing between past and present. The plot is artfully woven, and is an extremely well written novel. The unique twists, and the descriptive writing really sets Patti Lacy apart from the others. Her writing is not mediocre, she is an extraordinary writer. This was my first Patti Lacy read, and I will be checking out her other books. This is one mesmerizing read, that you do not want to miss.

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