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Monday, June 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Sarah's Key

"Children crying, children screaming, children hiccuping with terror. The little ones could not understand, kept moaning for their mothers. They wet their clothes, rolled on the ground, shrieked with despair."

P. 88 of Ebook

Author Tatiana de Rosnay

Comments: This is one you will not want to put down. A great read! Review to come soon.

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  1. I finally bought this book last week! I have been dying to read it for so long. Isn't there a movie adaption too?

  2. Great teaser! This one's been on my wishlist forever! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  3. I never heard of this book, but that teaser is amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Bookgirl @ My Book Addiction

  4. Huh. Sounds creepy but very, very intriguing. I might have to check it out.

    My Teaser

  5. Nice to see your new blog, Jennifer! It looks great! I was wondering what happened to you, because I couldn't find your old blog. Now I am glad that I discovered your new blog. I love the fact that you have kept the old header image - it is so nice!

    Wonderful teaser! I read 'Sarah's Key' a few years back and loved it. It is such a beautiful and poignant story. I can't wait to read your review of it.

  6. This is making me emotional... why why why!

  7. This sounds like a sad one! Good teaser!

    Here's ours:

  8. Sounds absolutely heartbreaking (and that's a great teaser). Must look into this one...

    Thanks for stopping by my TT post. :)

  9. this sounds too intense for me!! i'm glad you are liking it!