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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Thicker than Blood by C J Darlington

Publisher: Tyndale Fiction
Pages: 372
Source: Personal Copy
Category: Christian Fiction

Christy and her sister May grew up with loving parents. However, alcohol and financial issues caused their parents to distance themselves. On Christy’s 18th birthday, her parents pass away in a tragic car accident. Christy blames herself since they were coming home to celebrate her birthday. Her younger sister May idolizes the ground she walks on, and Christy can’t take the pressure of sticking around and disappoint her sister. May is sent to live with their aunt, and Christy runs off with her boyfriend the first chance she gets. Years pass, and the girls don’t contact each other. May is not even sure if Christy is alive. They now live very different lives, May has turned to God working hard on ranch she co-owns while Christy is struggling with alcoholism, an abusive boyfriend and a job she loves but may loose at any minute. After a close relative passes away, the two sisters are brought back together. Christy is in a dire situation, and reluctantly returns to her sister.

I really enjoy this one. Unlike a lot of Christian fiction these characters are realistically flawed. May struggles with her faith in God when she’s not sure what to do with her sister or the feelings of abandonment. Christy literally looses everything and turns to her sister for help. “Thicker than Blood” is a captivating read. I did have a hard time connecting with May but as the plot progressed I really enjoyed both sisters. Christy’s storyline starts off with a bang and continually gets more and more interesting. I don’t think this is your typical Christian fiction novel. It may seem a little preachy, but it’s definitely worth the time. If this is a debut novel, I can’t wait for another one.

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  1. Thanks so much for this review of Thicker than Blood. I loved hearing your comments. And yes! There is a second book. It's called Bound by Guilt and has just released from Tyndale. Some of the main characters in TTB become minor characters in BBG (including Christy). Take care, CJ