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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: At Witt's End: A Sadie Witt Mystery by Beth Solheim

Pages: 278
Publisher: Echelon Press
Source: Author

At Witt's End is an original, entertaining paranormal mystery. Beth Solheim has created great characters, who will keep you guessing. Sadie and Jane are sixty-four year old twins and resort owners. The resort has been in their family for over a decade. Although, they look alike, they are nothing alike. Jane is conservative while Sadie is certainly not. Sadie is a thong wearing, death coach. She assists dead people called crossers with their unfinished business. Crossers have thirty days to complete their business on earth and move on, otherwise they disappear and vanish into nothing. Sadie and Jane have other issues as well, Carl the deputy sheriff is attempting to acquire their resort through a lawsuit. A lawsuit that seems to have no credibility but Carl seems to be bribing the judge promising him access to the resort, and other perks. The twins are starting to get worried and know they surly will be evicted if he wins. Meanwhile, a recent accident has stirred up the small town. A family's recent car accident may not have been an accident. When their son Tim turns up asking Sadie for help, she must figure out what really happened and help Tim move on and join his parents through the light.

At Witt's End was a great read! I really enjoyed the characters. Sadie was hilarious. Did I mention she loves Victoria Secret? Jane may be plain, enjoying beige and white but her sister loves vibrant colors. Sadie also believes that traffic lights are for tourists only. There are many characters in this story, but all are memorable and are woven together nicely. I highly recommend this novel, it's refreshing and enjoyable. Sadie reminds me of Grandma Mazur from the Stephanie Plum series. Go ahead, read it  

Book two of the series is out, and I really want to read it!

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  1. A fun cozy - and I agree about the Sadie/Grandma Mazur comparison :-)

  2. I love Grandma Mazur so I'll have to look for this book!

  3. I stopped by your blog today.