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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: The Little Giant of Aberdeen Country by Tiffany Baker

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing 
Pages: 342 
Category: Fiction 
Source: Publicist 

'The Little Giant of Aberdeen' is a story of life, acceptance and preconceptions. Truly Plaice was destined to have a difficult life. Truly was born extraordinarily large. She entered the world the same day her mother left it. While her mother was fighting to live, the townspeople were betting on Truly's size. Most believed she had to be a boy, because no girl could possibly be born so huge. Small towns often have small suspicious minds and Truly was shunned by most. Truly and her beautiful, beloved sister was left to be raised by their grief stricken father. She quickly outgrew her sister's clothes, and her poor father resorted to dressing her in old t-shirts. While locals offer to help Mr. Plaice, they were more inclined to offer to help with Serena. Truly seems to be the 'devil child' and most seemed uneasy around her. Her father resorted to separating each child during the day. Her sister Serena was babysat by a well to do family who doted on her while Truly was babysat by a poor family who's daughter refused to speak and Truly helped in the barn. Unfortunately, their father passes away shortly after and each child remains living separately. Truly is constantly living with ridicule and her sister is crowned May Queen. While Serena loves being the center of attention, her mind is set on city living and when the town doctor's son impregnates her right out of high school, Serena faces her own challenges and Truly is forced to deal with her issues. While it seems like Serena has the perfect life, she is rather miserable. Truly on the other hand has fallen into a comfortable life that she loves. 

The story spans from Truly's childhood to adulthood. I will warn you that this book seemed slow-paced but it was very enjoyable. This is a wonderful little story, and I would definitely recommend it. This book reminded me of another favorite book of my 'The River Child' by Lori Ann Bloomfield. Small town minds fear the unconventional. I loved the characters of this story, some characters were very enjoyable while some seem horrible. I really enjoyed the style and writing. I believe Tiffany Baker is a great writer. The ending was not predictable, and Baker kept me guessing. Sometimes I was wondering which direction the book would take, and I felt impatient but it was worth the time. 


  1. I liked this book, but thought it was slow paced too. I did love Truly, though - she's a fabulous character.

  2. I've read mixed reviews of this one. Not sure if I'd like it though. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I really enjoyed this book, mainly because Baker's writing was excellent. I too didn't know where the book was heading most of the time, but just enjoyed the ride.

  4. I have seen so many mixed reviews for this one. Not sure if I could stick with it if it too slow paced but I may give a try anyway. Great review!

  5. I love the cover for this one. I realize the book may be a bit of a slow pace but I'd be up to stick it out if you loved it. You are my gage for books afterall.

  6. This book hooked me from the beginning, mostly because I loved the complex messages about weight, societal expectations, desperation, loneliness, and complicated family relationships. It packs a big punch. I won't give too much away, but this was well-worth the read.

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