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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: The Life O'Reilly by Brian Cohen

Publisher: iuniverse 
Pages: 266 
Source: Author 

Does money takes precedence over happiness? Nick O'Reilly is a successful, high profile attorney, working as a partner in a prestigious law firm. He has all the luxuries that money can offer. Nick defends corporate giants in litigation, not something he would have chosen, just something that he happens to be really good at it. Nick is sure his father would turn in his grave, if he knew his son defended the same men he despised. Corporate giants who prey on whomever they can. Nick's best friend has dreams of them opening their own independent firm taking on entertainment clients. However, Nick prefers the stability of Williams Gardner & Schmidt, now that he has made junior partner he hopes to pass on more work to his associates. Nick's professional world changes when the firm assigns him their first Pro Bono domestic dispute case. The firm is worried about their image, and they hope the Pro Bono case will bring positive publicity. Nick is firmly told not to let this case interfere with their 'paying' clients who remain top priority. Nick soon finds his thoughts wrapped up in Dawn and her son Jordan. Nick begins questioning his professional career, he knows his Pro Bono works is the type of work that really makes a difference in this world. Regardless of what he believes, his firm is set in their ways. He will always be trying to prove his worth. Nick and Dawn unsuspectingly being to fall for each other, threatening Nick's law career and life as he knew it. The Life O'Reilly has many twists and turns and the ending is very unexpected and heart-wrenching. 

A pleasant surprise! I really didn't know what to expect from this novel. I quickly found myself absorbed in this novel. A great life-affirming novel. When I closed the book, I kept staring at it, shocked. I highly recommend this one. Brian Cohen did an amazing job bringing these characters alive. Nick, a man who is trying to find meaning in life. Dawn, a scared young woman trying to open one door, when another one closes. My favorite character was Phil, Nick's boss. He's the typical, money-hungry executive, who thinks work comes first and family second. Nick often bites his tongue, and I wished he would have shut him up. Anyone would be tempted to throw something at him... 

Again, I highly recommend this one. It was great! Unpredictable and thought provoking.


  1. I really liked this one as well. As a woman, it's sometimes difficult to get into the mind of a man, but I really felt as though I was in Nick's shoes - a bittersweet, but lovely read!

  2. I will have to pull this off my shelf and read it. Your review has me intrigued!

  3. Thank you for the review. Love the cover as well.

  4. I remember when you described this read - you had me curious and now this review just recaps the why you loved it all over again. wow great review.