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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Publisher: Harper one
Source: Personal Copy (reread)
Pages: 208

Mini Review:

The Alchemist is a simple fable that alludes to the fact that all of us have a purpose and a dream in life. It is a simple book, but nonetheless inspiring. It is a story about a young boy named Santiago who has reoccurring dreams about a treasure, when he goes to see a gypsy about the meaning of his dream she tells him to follow his dream and not to pay her now for her services but to pay her one tenth of his treasure once he finds it. Santiago left home to become a shepherd to follow his dreams of travel. Santiago is a shepard, and he is hesitant to leave his flock, but begins to follow omens. Through his travels he overcomes many obstacles and meets many people who guide him in his journey. He meets the love of his life Fatima. Santiago tells her that he will need to continue on his journey but rest assured that he will come back to her. Throughout the story Santiago is led by many spiritual guides, and leaves the readers inspired. All of us have a purpose in life, and we need to listen to the omens around us. Our heart will lead us, where it will need to go.

I did really enjoy the novel. I reread this one quickly, and I do recommend the novel. It's a spiritual and inspiring book that I'm happy to have read. If you are looking for an easy, fast-paced read I recommend this one. It's not always a thrill-a-minute read, but it's a quick read.

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  1. I need to read this. I've heard it's amazing. Great review.

  2. I still have not read a single book by him! I guess that is how it is, there are some big authors one just never get the chance to read

  3. This does sound very inspirational. It must be very good for you to reread it. It sounds like a book with a great message.

  4. This was the first book by him that I read. It wasn't bad but I guess it was too spiritual for me. But happy to hear it was good enough for reread :)

  5. I have heard so much about this book, yet had never really known what it was about before reading your review. It seems to be a very interesting allegorical story, and one that I might like to check out for myself. Thanks for the very enlightening review. It was much appreciated and very craftily written!

  6. You know how KD raves about this one. My son keep saying it is incredible.

  7. I read this one earlier this year. It was quite simple and inspirational. Very repetative though. Still, I did enjoy this one.

  8. I'm in love with Paulo Coelho and his books! Great review!

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