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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Offworld by Robin Parrish

Publisher: Bethany House 
Pages: 361 
Source: Personal Copy 

Chris, Terry, Owen and Trisha are part of the elite NASA group. After years of training and a two year mission on Mars they are hopeful, and relieved to finally come home to their family and friends. However, they are faced with the unthinkable and impossible. Sixty days before returning home, they suddenly and inexplicable loose all contact with mission control in Houston. Unable to reach anyone, they manage a crash landing on Earth at the Kennedy Space Station. The crew open the doors on the shuttle to a world devoid of life. Humans and animals alike are gone. It appears that everyone on earth has disappeared. After reviewing security footage, it's clear everyone vanished at the same moment in time, the same moment they lost communication. 

Chris, Terry, Owen and Trisha's disciplined selves are put to the ultimate test. No laws currently apply, and they don't have much hope. They do find one homeless girl, name Meg alive. Curious, and suspicious as to why she was left behind, the crew decides to allow her to come along. As they set out to explore and find out if they can bring anyone back. Obstacle after obstacle seems to be discouraging them from continuing. A flood, a fire and a raised bridge all seem to be too coincidental. 

I really enjoyed this book. Yes, I did think some aspects were unbelievable but this is a science fiction book. The characters were very unique and flawed. I thought their reactions were plausible. At times they wanted to give up. Offworld was a spellbinding, page-turner. I kept wanted to read and read to figure out what happened to everyone. This book was filled with suspense and intrigue. I will be looking out for more books by Robin Parrish.


  1. The cover is rather creepy and it sounds like it sets the tone for the whole book. I'm very curious about Meg.

  2. I remember this one. Girl can you please stop making me crave more than my shelf can handle ;P

  3. This sounds like a fun read. From your description I can almost envision a movie trailer for this one!