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Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald

Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: Publisher
Pages: 417

Alice Love is one of those people who have all their ducks lined up in a perfect row. Although, she’s not completely satisfied with her career as an attorney, it works and she’s learned to live with it. There’s room to move up, and she’ll focus on that when the time is right. She’s the one who keeps everything in order- family-wise, and work related. Alice is surprised when a rather expensive, sexual item is delivered to her apartment with her name on the box. How can this be? She never ordered this...strange things begin to happen. Her bank card gets declined and Alice brushes it off, she simply thinks it a clerical mistake. However, when her credit card is declined soon after, Alice becomes suspicious. She’s never been late on a payment. She’s not the type of person who checks her bank balance everyday. Alice has an appointment to meet a mortgage broker, and his reaction is nothing like she would have imagined. Alice quickly learns that her entire life savings, credit cards, and debit card have been cleaned out. She’s become a victim of identity theft. Her whole world is turned upside down. Hours, quickly turn into days and Alice has a hard time pulling herself together. Her landlord evicts her for late payment, and Alice doesn’t know what to do. How can she be in this situation? When an investigator asks her to look at some video footage, she’s astounded by the person on the other end. For the past two month, someone she least expected was living it up with her accounts. Someone who quickly disappears the moment Alice is starting to figure out her situation. Alice feels ashamed, shocked and furious. She’s worked so hard, and now everything is gone.

I was hooked within the first few pages. This was one of those books where I loved the cover, but I wasn’t sure about the story. It sounded good, but I instantly fell in love with the story. Alice Love is a great character, she’s flawed, emotional and real. This story is perfect for today’s world, a world where identity theft is easily found in the headlines. Alice’s reaction to the identity theft was concrete. She begins to almost grieve for the life she had before. She’s stuck, and hopeless. When she begins to take her obsessiveness of organization and put it to good use, she begins to track down the person who ruined her perfect world. She quickly finds out the person who stole all her money has been living a very extravagant life, Alice has had enough and intends to put a stop to everything. She’s feels like a fool, but she marches on. The Liberation of Love is filled with great characters, believable situations and laugh-out-loud moments. This is one you read for sheer pleasure. Highly recommended!


  1. This sounds relevant and very scary! I had a brush with identity theft several years ago and let me tell you, it is a nightmare!

  2. Identity theft sounds terrifying but sounds like this book adds some humor to it. I'm curious what she does to stop the person!

  3. This sounds terrific thanks for highlighting it. I want to read it, but I wonder if it will freak me out worrying about the subject :)

  4. This sounds amazing, and so timely and relevant. I sort of live in fear of identity theft, not that I have so very much, but just that it would be hard to stamp out. Great review on this one! I am glad you liked it, it sounds excellent!

  5. Wow, this book sounds SO GOOD! I love the idea of identify theft -- you don't get that a lot in books! I don't think I ever would have picked it up if I saw it on my own because I stick mainly to YA, but your review makes me really excited for it! :)

    Awesome review, Mrs. Q! I'm so glad you liked this one!

  6. Identity theft sure is scary, too scary, but the subjects needs to put out there