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Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 384
Source: Litfuse Blog Tour

Goodreads Description:

A storm the size of Texas brews when Gloria Powell and Kai Chang meet in a Dallas hotel. They have come to discuss the future of Lily, the daughter Gloria adopted from China and the sister Kai hopes to reclaim. Kai is a doctor who had to give up her little sister during the Cultural Revolution and has since discovered that an inherited genetic defect may be waiting to fatally strike Lily.
Gloria's relationship with her daughter is tattered and strained, and the arrival of Kai, despite the woman's apparent good intentions, makes Gloria fearful. Gloria longs to restore her relationship with Lily, but in the wake of this potentially devastating diagnosis, is Kai an answer to prayer...or will her arrival force Gloria to sacrifice more than she ever imagined?

I usually always write my own product descriptions, but I had a hard time with this book. This book really wasn't for me. The synopsis sounded really interesting, and I was excited to read it but I quickly started to feel that I chose the wrong book. My problem with the book wasn't the story line, it was the flow. I felt like there was too much dialogue and not enough description. It felt really choppy, and I felt confused at times with Kai's flashbacks to her issues in China. I feel bad because I wanted to like this one, and I've read many rave reviews. I was honestly left thinking "What did I miss?" I know it happens, and not every book is for every reader. I had a hard time liking any of the characters, and really couldn't relate to any of them. I think this is one that you will need to try for yourself if you're interested. 


  1. Too bad you had such a hard time with this book. From your reaction to it I don't think I would have liked it either. I love a book with great descriptions so this probably isn't for me. Thanks for the honest review.

  2. I am sorry to hear that this one didn't work for you, and it does sound as if it was a mite poorly constructed. I do appreciate your candid thoughts on this one, and can conclude that it's probably not for me.

  3. Mrs. Q book, Thanks for giving it a shot! I appreciate the time you invested in my work!!!
    LOVE your moniker! Anne & Zibilee, hey, you never know!!! :)

  4. Sorry to hear it did not work for you :/ It sucks when that happens

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    this actually sounds like a very interesting book and although it didn't work for you, I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

    It is really frustrating when you have looked forward to reading a book, persevered with it rather than give up on it, and still find that you are left disappointed and wanting ...

    Have a great weekend and better luck with your next book choice.


  6. Aww, I hate it when that happens! :( Characters are really important to me, so if I can't connect with any of them or even like them a little bit, then that makes a book that much harder to love!

    Still, awesome review, Mrs. Q! I hope your next read is much better for you! :)

  7. I do enjoy dialogue in a book, but it can be confusing if it's not well done. Sorry this didn't work for you.

  8. I know the feeling when you don't agree with the majority opinions. However, I also think their is a benefit in picking out flaws in books. It teaches us what we do and do not like to read.

  9. This one looks good... Characters are important to me too and they are a huge factor for me to really enjoy and like a book.. It's sad when they didn't live up to your expectations..

    Bdw, I'm just hopping through =) Thanks for your visit at Books4Juliet!

    I'm a new follower too, have a lovely weekend!


  10. Sorry this didn't work out for you. I have it on my wish list but maybe I won't be so anxious to get my hands on it now.