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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Wicked by Sara Shepard

Publisher: Harperteen
Source: Personal Copy
Pages: 320

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Pretty Little Liars

Sara Shepard still has me hooked. Wicked is the fifth book in the series, and another captivating read. The suspense is killing me! Alison DiLaurentis held her friends together, and since her death they are finding out more and more about her, alarming secrets, and questionable behavior. The girls are teetering between their hurt that Alison could have been so manipulating, and their guilt of not remaining loyal to a friend that is no longer living. Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily are still grieving over the death of Alison, each of the girls are dealing with their issues individually. While their friendships have improved they are still not as close as they once were, they still questions what they should talk to each other about and are hesitant to speak to each other. When the messages return signed “A” they girls initially believe that these are coming from a copy cat, Mona fell off a cliff and Ian Thomas believed to be Alison’s killer has been sent to jail. Spencer is dealing with the fallout from her actions in the previous book, and her parents have distanced themselves. Spencer is feeling alone and embarrassed. Aria has moved on from Ezra, but her attraction to her mom’s boyfriend may cause some issues. Emily is still coming to terms with her sexuality and Hanna is questioning her relationship with Lucas. The girls fear escalated when the messages become more personal and the threats more intimidating.
I really enjoy this series. I usually take a break between each book which is something that I tend to do with every series. I’m surprised that it is book five and I haven’t lost interest, I’m actually more interested in the series. I would really like to try out Sara Shepards new series. I did watch some episodes of the first season, but I stopped afraid that it would ruin the books. I would like to go back and watch because I think I’m far enough into the books now. My own complaint is that the show portrays the girls as best friends, and really they have distanced themselves quite a bit. “A” is the only think that keeps them communicating, as well as their forced therapy sessions. I highly recommend this series, you won’t regret it. You might be a little discouraged because there are so many books, but they read really quick. Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite YA book series.


  1. I am glad to hear that this series continues to impress you. It sounds like something that I could really enjoy and get a lot out of, so I should probably look for the first book. Great review on this one!

  2. The cover of that book cracks me up - a sweet Barbie with Wicked by her head. It sounds like is yet another series I need to try.

  3. I am reading an adult novel by Sara Shepard but it definitely has me curious about this series. I may need to read it.

  4. I've so been wondering about this series ever since I saw the series advertised on television. I didn't know they were books until I was roaming the YA section of my bookstore. Glad to know the series is good. I might check them out when I'm in need of something light and quick.

  5. I have seen them at the library but sadly translations and I just do not want to read those any more

  6. Sara Shepard never disappoints! Do you watch the TV show? Anyway thanks for reviewing!

  7. I started watching the show, but haven't made it past the first disc of season one. I am having a hard time understanding why they think A, their former BFF, would be sending such hateful messages to them. I must have missed a thread somewhere in this story line.

  8. Uuuuuh, I haven read any Sarah SHephard book. It seems to be pretty good! Im glad to heard you really like this series. I hopefully will give it a chance this year.=) There is a tv show after all!! Must be good ^___^

    thanks for sharing! wonderful review =)

  9. I love this series as well. I have the last few to catch up on still. Like you I watched maybe one episode of the tv series before I quit. I find the books much more enjoyable.

  10. Well I admit It was the cover why I want to read the book because the cover looks like my bestfriend. funny but cute. Nice blog by the way.