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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Wicked Company by Ciji Ware

Publisher: Sourcebooks 
Pages: 609 
Source: Publisher 
Category: Historical Fiction 

Sophie McGann is motherless, and almost penniless. Her father owns a bookshop, where Sophie spends most of her time. Recently, her father seems to be selling unlawful material to noblemen. When her father refuses to sell anymore erotic material, a vengeful nobleman has him arrested and he's carted off to jail. Sophie soon finds herself on her own, and grieving for her father. Sophie, an education, stubborn and unforgiving girl uses her writing skills and printing press to vindicate her father's death. Sophie soon finds herself on the run and in need of a quick, safe getaway. Hunter Robinson, a traveling juggler turned actor comes to her rescue. Hunter hides Sophie in a friends traveling trunk headed to London. Sophie intends to start new, find her aunt and uncle in London, and work in their bookshop. Sophie finds the bookshop in ruins, her uncle dead, and her aunt suffering from a severe mental illness. Sophie is shocked, concerned but very determined. While in London Sophie discovers the world of theater, and hopes to become a petticoat writer. 

'Wicked Company' spans thirteen years, and gives a very detailed account of Sophie McGann's life. Many characters comes in and out of her life, and Hunter Robinson continually makes an appearance. Sophie is independent, stubborn, and betrayals force her to be constantly cautious. She is always the loyal friend, daughter and niece. Sophie befriends many great individuals, but in the world of theatre many are focused on themselves and themselves only. Sophie has many life lessons to learn and many heartbreaks of overcome. 

Another great book from Ciji Ware! I've never read a book like this, it felt like I was reading a Dickens novel. I love Dickens style. The time period was very refreshing for me. I've never read anything about petticoat writers, and I kept turning the pages. This is one that you may want to sit down and read for awhile. It's hard to only pick it up for five minutes at a time. Ciji Ware descriptions are enchanting, her characters dynamic and her plot unforeseeable. This is my second Ciji Ware book, and I've loved both. A Cottage by the Sea was my favorite, but this book is the complete opposite. A Cottage by the Sea was more of a simple Romance novel, whereas this one is pure Historical Romance. I believe they're incomparable. Ciji Ware's writing style shined in this one and her talent is undeniable.


  1. Dickensian? I need to add this to the list. Nice review!

  2. Every time you review one of her books, I feel like I'm missing out on something!

  3. It seems like you are loving Ware's writing a lot these days! I agree that the Dickensian style of writing also appeals to me as well, and I think I need to read this one! Great and very thoughtful review on this book. I enjoyed reading it!

  4. I really need to get on board and read one of her books! Great review!

  5. I've just gotten into historical novels after reading Water for Elephants. This looks promising.

  6. This sounds like a great book! I haven't heard of this author before, but I'll definitely have to check out her books now. Great review!
    Also, thanks for commenting on my blog earlier.
    New follower. =)

  7. I do want to read both of these :D really really much. I do have Cottage as an ebook but print is always better

  8. What a great review. I will definitely be reading this one, I love historical romance books!

  9. I really need to try her books soon. Thanks for the review!