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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Debut Author Challenge for Adult Fiction

I was looking for a challenge that challenged readers to read debut Adult Fiction authors. Kristi at The Story Siren does an amazing job showcasing the 2012 debut authors for YA and Middle Grade authors. Often I find myself unaware that an author is a debut author until I see all the buzz. I wasn't able to find a challenge like this, and thought I might host a challenge for 2012.

Would any of you be interested in signing up?

Even possibly helping me host the challenge or help put together lists for 2012 authors?

If you're interesting in assisting me with the challenge please email me at:


  1. I would definitely be interested!

  2. I would be interested. I have never done a debut author challenge but I love coming across new authors. Count me in!

  3. I'd be interested, since I've found that I read adult fiction debuts as well as YA. Sounds like a good idea!