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Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Love Finds You in Victory Heights by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

Publisher: Summerside Press 
Pages: 344 
Source: Publisher

Rosalie Madison has sent her fiance, Vic off to war. Although Rosalie has agreed to marry him, she requests that they wait until he returns home. Vic, completely in love with Rosalie agrees and flies off in a plane named after her. When Vic's plane is shot down and Rosalie is given the news she is struck with a sense of guilt. Rosalie is unable to wallow for a man she really wasn't in love with. Rosalie loved him as a friend, but the passion was never there. Rosalie's guilt propels her into her own mission. She is determined to fight the war on the home front. Rosalie throws herself into work as a riveter, building B-17's at the local Boeing plant, the same planes that will blast the enemy. When she is not at work, she is serving the war efforts in every possible way. Rosalie has sentenced herself to penance and is determined to do Vic proud. Rosalie, reluctantly meets a man she detests on the one hand and on the other, she has a hard time fighting her attraction to him. Vic is a local reporter, Rosalie loathes and distrusts reporters since her father was always chasing the next big story, and abandoning his family. Rosalie wants to get to know Kenny but she fears that she is his next headline. When Kenny's editor forces him to interview Rosalie, their potential relationship is threatened. Rosalie is suspicious of Kenny, unsure of why he hasn't gone oversees. She's unaware of Kenny's pact with his father to fight the war through writing. Kenny fears Rosalie will think less of him for not being a soldier. Throughout the novel, Rosalie fights her internal demons, as does every character living through World War II. A definite must read! 

As I began to read the first page, I was hooked. This novel deserves great accolades. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. While the men and boys were fighting the war overseas, many war efforts were being made on the home front. Woman for the first time, replaced men in the workforce. Everyone banded together for one common cause. Rations were met with consent, rather than defiance. Everyone was doing their part, and doing it proudly. The greater cause was most important. The inspirational aspect of the book was very realistic to me. Rosalie sought God when her life was in ruins, when her future was uncertain and guilt rose above all other emotions. War stories are always interesting reads for me, but this one really stands out among the others. The intricate story evoked a great sense of patriotism in me. The romance was strenuous and as a reader it had me on the edge of my seat. Do yourself a favor, and pick this book up. Keep in mind, it is an inspirational read but it is also a story of loss, hope. endurance and love. 

One last mention...I love the cover! It's perfect for this story.


  1. You sold me! I love books about the home front.

  2. It sounds like this one touched you at the core, and what you have to say about it makes me want to check it out. I loved this review, and am so glad that you loved the book! Great and thoughtful post today!

  3. Sounds excellent. I'm so glad I snatched this one up for free the other day. Great review.

  4. I remember watching this tvshow about women after the war, and I so enjoyed it. So yes perhaps I would like this book

  5. I love when books are able to elicit some kind of passion or emotion like it did here with you and patriotism. Sounds like a great story!

  6. I never heard of this book. The book cover does sound ideal to the story.