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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

The story begins when a young boy is arrested for throwing a semi-frozen turkey through his father and step-mother's window. The arresting officer beings to tell the young boy the tale of Lou Sufferen, a workaholic and neglectful family man. Lou is constantly attempting to be in two places at the same time. He never has enough time in the day and his family is never a priority in his life. While walking out of the office one day Lou meets and befriends a homeless man named Gabe. Gabe tells Lou that his boss Mr. Patterson has been having secret dinners with his work rival. Lou, driven by success begins to feel he must do everything possible to convince his boss that he is the right man for the new promotion. Lou attempts to help Gabe by offering him a job in the mailroom.While it may seem that Lou is assisting Gabe, Gabe is really the one who is trying to teach Lou the importance of balancing work commitments and family commitments. 

I didn't really enjoy this novel. The characters seemed to annoy me. Lou's wife Ruth has caught him having an affair with the nanny and she is told by Lou that he kissed his secretary. She does nothing about this. She tears up, complains that he is never home but she never stands up for herself. The same goes for Lou's family. His sister, brother, mother and father all allow him to walk over them. They allow Lou to constantly disappoint them. Lou's sister Marcia is the only one who attempts to confront him about his behaviour. I felt the characters were really weak, and I could not relate to them. Would I recommend this book? not sure... 

The packaging was very cute, and the book cover was beautiful! It just wasn't for me...


  1. Sorry to see this one's a stinker! :(

  2. Have you enjoyed any Cecilia Ahern novels?? I LOVED 'P.S I Love You' the movie, but I found the book disappointing...

  3. oh no! It's bummer that you didn't liked it.

  4. This looked like it would be a great read for the holiday time. Sorry to hear that it wasn't enjoyable. I haven't read any of Cecelia Ahern's books yet, but I have this one, along with The Book of Tomorrow and P.S. I Love You. Have you read (and would you recommend) any of those?

  5. I have loved every single one of Cecelia Ahern's books, so I was really excited when I picked this book up. Unfortunately this was the first of her books that I really didn't like.

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