Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Yankee Doodle Dixie by Lisa Patton

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Pages: 304
Released: 2011
Source: Personal Copy
Rating: 3.75/5


Leelee Satterfield began her journey in Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter and she’s back in Yankee Doodle Dixie. Leelee did want any good Southern wife should do, she left home and followed her husband to Vermont, where he dreamed to own and operate a local inn. Unfortunately, he also found himself a much older, rich girlfriend and left Leelee and their daughters behind. Leelee was left to take care of their daughters, and deal with the inn. She did her best to keep the inn opened, it would break her heart to lose all of her father’s money. When an offer came up to have the inn sold, Leelee jumped at the opportunity to return south. She needed to pick up the pieces of her life, and salvage what was left. She simply was not cut out for winter, she needed to go home. Now, a single mother Leelee has to provide for her daughters. She has no family left but she leans on her supportive friends and childhood housekeeper. As Leelee tries to settle into her old but new life, she keeps thinking about a certain gentleman who kissed her before she left.


I loved Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter and I couldn’t wait to start Yankee Doodle Dixie. While I enjoyed the first book more, I wasn’t disappointed in Yankee Doodle Dixie. The heart of the novel was still there, and that was Leelee. I loved her spirit and tenacity. The introduction of Kissie, Leelee’s childhood maid was wonderful. I really enjoyed their interaction, and Kissie is a great character. She’s quite frank when she wants to be. Fourteen months running the inn, was more than enough for Leelee but coming back without her husband raises questions and she’s not ready to tell everyone that Baker left her for an older woman. Gossip runs rampant in a small town, and Leelee tries to remain focused on raising her daughters.

Divorce is not an easy subject, but Lisa Patton does an incredible job keeping the novel light and entertaining. Both novels were a great escape, and I will keep Patton on my radar. The pace was fast, and I easily fell back into Leelee’s world. I was rooting for her the whole time, and I wanted her to have her happily ever after. I would recommend reading the Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter first, although Yankee Doodle Dixie can be read as a standalone. Leelee has grown tremendously, and you can really see the different between both books. I highly recommend this one, great characters, great setting and best friends any girl would hope to have.

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  1. I have had Whistlin Dixie in a Nor'easter on my TBR list for a while. I think I would really enjoy both of these books. I hope I get to them soon!

  2. I've had my eye on both of these books for some time now. Thank you for a wonderful review!

  3. These both sound like good reads and the childhood maid sounds like a character i would enjoy

  4. These two do sound like good books about romance and the south. Nice review!

  5. I'm not familiar with this one or it's predecessor, but I always love when an author manages to deal with a tricky or heavy subject matter in a lighter way so you don't finish the book feeling weighed down by everything you just read:)

  6. I want to read both of these book, and had the chance to have dinner with Patton at SIBA. She was so funny and entertaining, and I had a great time with her!

  7. I've read this book and need to go back and read the first one!

  8. YAY! I'm glad to know that this one did not disappoint. I'm just realizing it's part of a series and I remember reading your review for the first one. It's good to know the second does the first book justice and that you can see the growth in the main character.

  9. Glad to hear this one stands on its own, but I'd probably read the first one first. I love it when books have heavy themes but still manage to be light.

  10. I love it when sequels don't disappoint you! That's like the golden feeling that makes you feel happy and kind of proud that the author didn't just write a one-time fluke! ;) As a girl who has divorced parents, I definitely agree that it's not an easy subject so I'm glad that Lisa Patton does a good job! :)

    Awesome review, Mrs. Q!

  11. It's nice to see that these are both so good!

  12. UGH! I just brought this book home not knowing there were other books.

  13. Fun book with great characters! I've lived in the south for 40 years but go back to the west where I came from and it's always fun to see folks react to my southern accent which I've never thought I had! I love the descriptions of New England and the weather and the people! I immediately ordered the two follow up books as well and loved the sequence of events and story line!

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