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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Subscribers dropping overnight

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to advise you that I seem to be having issues with my subscribers. Overnight my google subscribers decreased by 40 +. It seems that my Google Friend Connect badge stopped working as well. I'm assuming because I installed it separate from Blogger, it thought I was a non-blogger blog. I have reinstalled the "Blogger" followers widget. I know blogging isn't really about the number of followers, but I do love blog interaction and I don't want to chance loosing anyone!

So, please take a look and check to see if you are still a follower of my blog.


  1. I've never followed that way, but I do subscribe via RSS feed.

  2. Well look at that it showed I wasn't following you anymore, even though I was. I was also following you via RSS so that's how I caught this post. I re-followed you though. Hope you get this sorted out soon.

    1. It seems like my Google Friend Connect was disabled. I'm missing a lot of blogs from my Google Reader as well.

  3. Oh WOW. Sorry this happen to you. I used to follow you via GFC but I notice I no longer follow you. I'm your newest follower now. I hope you get it figured out soon.

  4. It could possibly have something to do with google disabling GFC for all non-blogger blogs. May be a side affect of that.

  5. I've stopped following blogs that way, but I already subscribe to yours through Google Reader. :)