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Friday, September 28, 2012

Do chunky books discourage you from reading?

Looking back at my September list, I realized I didn't read that many books again this month. Although, I don't feel like I read any less. If I don't finish another book, I would have only read 5! I normally read about 8-10 books a month. However, two of the books this month were chunksters. The Tea Rose was 592 pages, and The Diviners is 608 pages. Often times, I don't read thick books because I feel like I need to get reviews written. I don't consider myself a fast reader. I would really like to change this, because I know I'm missing out on some great books. I'm really happy that I finally read The Tea Rose, despite it's size. I couldn't ignore The Diviners because I love Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle series. Do you ever not pick up a book because of its size? If I'm reading a book too long, I feel stressed to finish it.

Does the size of a book ever discourage you from reading it?

I might start including page count in my monthly list. This might give me a better understanding of how much I read.


  1. I keep track of page count too but it hasn't really helped me in feeling better about it... I avoid chunksters as well. I think the solution (for me) is going to have to be changing the format of my blog a little bit and feeling comfortable writing about all kinds of things and not JUST book reviews, because you're right I think about how I just want ot write another review so short books are best for that.

    1. That's what I'm struggling with. I think I'm going to start talking more about bookish things, and not just have reviews. I have alot of interest in ereaders and ebook technology. I think I want to start incorporating some of that into my blog.

  2. I tend to lean the other way. I don't buy books if they are too short, because if I'm going to invest the money in them, I want them to last a while. But I feel your pain about getting reviews done!

  3. It didn't in the past but since I've been blogging, I do avoid thick books.

  4. I love chunksters, but there are several on my shelf I admit to putting off reading simply because they are so big! In general, however, I don't avoid long books. My current read is close to 900 pages in length, and I've read a fair number of books coming in at over 500 pages so far this year. I track my page count and, even though I'll likely read more books this year than I did last year, my page count is probably going to be less :-(

  5. Never! When I was in my early twenties and buying books I always looks for the biggest books I could find since I can easily devour a typical paperback in a single evening..so I wanted something that would last at least two nights on my limited budget..lol. Some of my favorite books have been monsters in length. I think this is why I like series or trilogies too..since I want to submerse myself in whatever place the book takes me for as long as I can. Last year I read 177 books with a page count of 55,928. This year I have read 179 books with a page count of 53,530..but i am not sure how accurate that is since i have read almost all ebooks can the ebook says 202 pages but the hardback editions says 416..so idk.

  6. I mix it up. If I finish a short book, I'm more inclined to delve into a thick one and vice versa. Works well.

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