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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Sea Change by Karen White

Pages: 412
Publisher: NAL
Released: 2012
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5


Ava Whalen is the youngest and only daughter in her large family. She’s always felt left out, and she doesn’t understand why her mother is always so standoffish towads her. She’s alway felt like there was something missing in their relationship. When Ava met Matthew, a child psychologist she hoped that her days of loneliness were behind her. They quickly elope and Ava moves with Matthew to his ancestral home on St Simons Island. Ava’s mother is upset about the elopement and doesn’t understand why her daughter would agree to move to an island, when she’s deathly afraid of water. Ava learns that there is much she doesn’t know about Matt, including the fact that he was previously married, and how his wife died. Ava begins to focus on Matt’s family history and unknowingly uncovers some secrets of her own.


Karen White weaves a story between the past and present that keeps readers engaged and guessing. This was my first Karen White book and I really thought she did a good job plotting the book and building the characters. Books written with multiple points of view are a little tricky for me because I tend to like some characters more than others, and I want to rush back to that character’s view. That’s what I struggled with in this book. Overall, I really enjoyed the book but when I have different perspectives, as a reader I want to like each perspective equally.

I really enjoyed Ava and her story line. Her relationship with Matt was intriguing and filled with twists. As soon as Ava’s finds out he was previously married, I knew this book would be interesting. They both have a lot to learn about each other, add in Ava’s fear and her rocky relationship with her mother and readers can’t help but be interested in her story. I recommend this one to readers who enjoy multiply perspectives and books that incorporate a past storyline.


  1. I won a copy and still haven't read it. Your review reminded me to find it and put it near the top of the mountain of TBR books :)
    I hope your mom is doing better. You've been in my thoughts.

  2. Karen White is an amazing author, and I am glad that you liked this one. I have a few of hers on my shelf, and am dying to start her thriller trilogy, but have lent it out to a friend. I think this one sounds fantastically imagined and really intriguing. I think I will be looking for this one the next time I am browsing the book store shelves.

  3. Jennifer, I love Karen White. Her low country fiction is something this northerner always looks forward too. I especially like Sea Change it held a lot more mystery and I liked that. What I really wish is that she'd write another in her Trad Street series I'm dying to find out what happens between Melanie and Jack.

  4. I really like Karen White and have enjoyed her books that I've read so far, so I want to give this one a try too.

  5. This does sound like one I would enjoy!

  6. I enjoyed this one, too, but it's not my favorite Karen White. I loved On Folly Beach.