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Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Reading- Mini reviews.

Christmas Reads Mini Reviews

I planned to review each of these books before the holidays, but I was so busy I didn't have a chance.

A Christmas for Katie by Shelley Shepard Gray

I thought this one was really cute. It was a fast read and it really helped to get me in the Christmas spirit.

When pieces for the nativity go missing, Katie is worried that Christmas will be ruined. The librarian doesn't seem to be worried, and Katie is sure that Miss Donovan needs a boyfriend. She's not Christian and her family doesn't think she should be worried about the nativity. Katie doesn't she needs to get involved.

The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson

Lucy would love to have a pony for Christmas but her mother makes it clear that won't happen. she is barely able to put food on the table. When Lucy goes to town to run errands for her mother, she meets a woman who's car broke down and won't be fixed for a few weeks. Lucy thinks she looks glamourous, and kindly advises her that her mother has a boardinghouse that has room. This might be a Christmas miracle. Will Lucy's other wish come true?

I love Melody Carlson's Christmas books! They never disappoint.

Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot

Celia is a widow with an infant daughter. She misses her husband but their marriage wasn't filled with love and affection. Celia wants to depend on herseld, and she's reluctant to marry again. She has offers, a widowed man thinks she would be a great mother to his son. Celia wants to find someone who wants her, not because she'll be a great mother or a great cook, she wants to find someone who will love her for who she is.

This was my favorite Christmas read this year. I loved the story.


  1. Thanks for the mini reviews. Christmas Roses is going on my list to read next Christmas!

  2. Looks like you got to enjoy some great books over the holidays!

  3. These sound perfect for the holidays!

  4. A lot of these sound like they would have been really wonderful Christmas reads. I am going to have to order a few of these on audio and save them for next year!

  5. These all sound delightful, I love holiday themed books, and will add these to my wishlist for next year!

  6. I read the Christmas Pony and Christmas Roses. Enjoyed them both, but Christmas Roses was my favorite. Hands down.

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