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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler

Publisher: HarperCollins
Released: 2012
Pages: 371
Source: Personal Copy
Rating: 4/5


Lily Azerov has fled Eastern Europe after the turmoil of the Second World War. When Lily arrives in Montreal to meet her betrothed, Sol Kramer she wants to escape her old life. Unfortunately, when Sol meets Lily he immediately decides that he won’t marry her. His brother, Nathan decides that he will marry her. Lily accepts, and their wedding is arranged. During their reception, a cousin of Lily’s decides that she is not who she says she is. This Lily stole her cousin’s identity, and she wants to know what happened to the real Lily. The woman claiming to be Lily doesn’t know what to do. She tries to make a life for herself, but she ends up abandoning her infant and leaving behind a journal and a rare diamond.


The Imposter Bride focuses on Lily’s daughter Ruth. Ruth is determined to find out what happened to her mother, what made her run off when she was only a few months old. If Lily isn’t who she says she is, Ruth wants to find out who her mother is and where can she find her. Apart from a few rocks that were mysteriously mailed, Ruth hasn’t had any contact with her mother. Her father has been great, and her aunt and uncle have really stepped in to help. When she begins asking questions, they don’t really know what to tell her.

The Imposter Bride is an unforgettable story. The writing is detailed and compelling. Richler delivers a rich novel filled with great characters, secrets and the desire to uncover the truth. Ruth is a prime example of a confused child, trying to put the pieces together, needing to figure out where she came from. She doesn’t seem to blame her mother; she just wants to figure out why. What happened to cause her mother to run away and abandon her? 


  1. I just finished this, and have to say I was quite disappointed with the ending! But it was quite a page turner for a while!

  2. I've got this one in my TBR and am really looking forward to it.

  3. This sounds really compelling, and one that I would like to read. I can't help but notice that Jill had problems with the ending, but I am wondering if I would as well. I think I am going to add this one to my wish list. Thanks for the great review today, Jennifer!

  4. Characters that have to unravel their past that is filled with secrets always appeals to me.

  5. I just received this book so I'm glad to read that you enjoyed it.