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Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams

Publisher: Sparkling Books
Released: 2010
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3/5


When Dorothy’s husband was caught having an affair with his boss’s daughter, his boss decided to punish him by moving his position to communist Malaya. During the 1950’s divorce wasn’t common, and people were not supportive, Dorothy felt like she had no choice but to follow her husband. They left their twelve year old daughter behind and sent her to a boarding school, arranging to have her aunt and uncle take care of her when she was at home. Dorothy didn’t want to leave her daughter behind and grew to resent George for tearing her world apart. She had to live with his repercussions and pretend he didn’t have a new lover.


The Eloquence of Desire was a very interesting book. The time period, and Malaya were plotted very well. I liked the book but I didn’t fall in love with it. It’s hard to love a book when you don’t like any of the characters. Each of them had their faults, and made them unlikable, in my opinion. George was despicable, and selfish. He ignored all his faults, and made it seem like Dorothy caused him to have affairs. Dorothy really bothered me, because she withdrew and never stood up for herself. She was constant gloom and doom, and I wanted her to wake up and take control of her life. At the very least acknowledge the situation instead of keeping herself locked up in the house, and always afraid.

While I did have my issues with the book, I did keep reading. I wanted to know what happened. The writing was good and progressed at a good pace. If this one sounds interesting to you, you should give it a chance and try it. 


  1. Hrm, I'm not sure this book would be for me...

  2. It seems that infidelity is a popular subject for books nowadays, but the fact that the wife just sat there and groveled about it, and didn't leave her husband or EVEN OBJECT, makes me think that this book would make me mad. I don't have patience for that sort of thing. Thanks for the great review of this one today, Jennifer!

  3. She left her daughter and followed her philandering husband? Ugh! I wouldn't like Dorothy either.