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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: The Ruining by Anna Collomore

Publisher: Razorbill
Released: 2013
Pages: 272
Source: Publisher/ Blog Tour
Rating: 3/5


Annie can’t wait to leave her old life behind her. She has too many bad memories to stick around; an alcoholic mother who puts her boyfriend first and a dead little sister that she partly blames herself for. Annie has been employed as a nanny for the picture-perfect Cohen family. Libby has an at home business and needs the help with her daughter Zoe. Annie will work and go to school; her income more than covers her tuition costs. It’s the perfect opportunity. Annie immediately begins to idolize Libby. Soon, Libby begins blaming Annie for things she didn’t do. Her hours are increased and her free-time limited. The door to her room is removed, and strange things are happening. Libby’s moods are hard to predict and all over the place. Annie tries to stand up for herself, but she wants Libby’s approval and tries to ignore the situation. Libby becomes more hostile, and Annie doesn’t see a way out.


The Ruining is a young adult, psychological thriller. The story started off strong, and kept me intrigued but the ending felt too rushed and too neatly tied up within a few short pages. I felt that Collomore should have took more time with the ending. The Ruining was filled with tension, suspense and questions, but the ending left me disappointed and I felt that key points were predictable. I figured out what Libby was hiding, way before the ending. I felt like the build up to the end was ruined by the quick, and tidy conclusion.

Libby was a very interesting character. She sneaks in calling Annie "nanny" and brushes it off as Annie overacting. She’s sneaky, conniving and Annie easily falls for it, wondering what she did wrong. Annie doesn’t have money, she’s far away from home and she’s looking for approval. Libby solves these problems for her. She’s gives her money, guidance, and shelter. Annie has nowhere to go which puts her in a vulnerable situation.

I recommend this one if you’re looking for a young adult thriller. I enjoyed the novel, despite my issues with the ending. I would definitely try another book by Anna Collomore, but I hope she doesn’t rush her conclusion next time.


  1. Sounds pretty good for the most part. I love the cover for some reason.

  2. I hate endings like that and often wonder if the author was late for a deadline or something.

  3. Aww thats too bad the story was spoiled by a rush ending. Sounds like it really could have had more impact.

  4. Not sure about this one. Great cover, though.