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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kobo Arc Android Update (Review)

The Kobo Arc recently upgraded it's software to Jelly Bean. I'm really happy Kobo has kept their word and released the update. I'm usually skeptical of what Kobo promises. I'm really enjoying the update, I find the keyboard more responsive and I like the new notification center. One thing I don't like is that the time was moved to the upper corner, and no longer appears when you are reading in the Kobo app. I have to exit Kobo to look at the time. Also, the menu keys were off to the left, and are now centered. This took a few days to remember.

Previously I disabled the Discovery Bar because I hate Kobo's recommendations. The books that appear are ones I would never read, and don't understand why they would be selected for me. I'm not a romance reader... Also many of the books I own, and bought through Kobo appear. Once I updated the software, and disabled the Discovery option, apps suddenly wouldn't open. I tried to delete the shortcut to add a new one, but my screen went blank and started flashing over and over. Restarting it wouldn't work, I had to factory reset it. I didn't realize what the problem was until I did it a second time and the same thing happened. Eventually, I turned back on Discovery, and installed a launcher. I'm using the Apex Launcher Pro, and really liking it. I no longer have tapestries, but it doesn't really bother me. I have much more options now. Installing a launcher is very simple.

When I called Kobo about this flashing problem, they told me they know what it is and they would send me an email in 24 hours on how to fix it. I asked him why they couldn't just tell me how to fix it if it was known problem. He said that was their procedure. Not wanting to wait 24 hours, I factory restored it.

Before the update, original launcher, and Discovery was disabled. Even with it disabled, that black bar cannot be deleted.

This is the new launcher...not a good photo. I'll try to replace it later.I find it much cleaner and enjoyable to use.

Now, I'm waiting for the snapbacks to finally be available. It's been coming soon since the Kobo launched. I wonder if I will ever see them in stores.


  1. Isn't it a pain when the customer help desk won't just tell you how to do something, and insists that you wait on them? It would make me irritated too. I'm glad that most of your issues were addressed. I also hope that you find your snapbacks soon as well.

  2. I hate this upgrade. From my perspective it hasn't been an upgrade but a downgrade. The screen area is smaller & my music files are no longer recognized. I wish I could undo it and go back to my Kobo the way it was with ICS.

  3. I REALLY want to buy the Kobo Arc with that YUMMY coffee coloured front colour! I can't find it on Kobo's website! :-(
    Where did you buy yours?

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