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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Firefly by Lisa Wingate

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Released: 2013
Pages: 384
Rating: 4/5


In a short period of time, Mallory finds herself married, a step-mother to a three year old boy, and giving up her dream job to move to Texas. She met Daniel while working, and they had an instant connection. Their relationship was just starting when Daniel was offered a great job in Texas, and he asked Mallory to marry him. Afraid to lose Daniel and regret never giving them a change, Mallory takes a leap of faith, and follows her heart. Her world completely changes, she loves Daniel and she adores Nick. It’s clear early on, that Mallory has a lot of learn about her new husband, and adjusting to life in Texas. Texas has its own secrets, and Daniel’s boss does not sit well with Mallory.

Mallory is both thrilled and scared to move with Daniel. As soon as they reach their ranch house, their relationship is put to the test. Their home has been neglected and infested with creepy crawlers of all kinds. Mallory is completely out of her element, and not afraid to speak up which causes a strain on the relationship. Daniel throws himself into his new job, leaving Mallory to deal with the home situation and Nick by herself. Temper tantrums and full-time parenting adds to the stress of Mallory’s day.


Firefly Island was a great read, the characters were great. I was able to relate to Mallory and understand her fears and frustrations. She undoubtedly loved Daniel, but needed to learn how to build their relationship. Mallory began to feel closed off from everyone, but took it upon herself to reach out to the community. Eventually Mallory began to feel that she was living the life God had planned for her.

Firefly Island is a Christian Fiction read, and it did become more preachy towards the end. If you don’t like that sort of thing, it might be a turn off but I didn’t feel like it was over done or hindered the book in any way. I thought the book was a fast, fun and enjoyable read. I didn’t realize but this is the third book in the series, it seems like each book can easily be read on its own. I will be adding the other books to my wish list. 


  1. I should read this one, since my husband took me to Arizona to a place full of creepy crawlies! HUGE creepy crawlies! LOL

  2. Great honest review. I've been seeing this one around and hearing great things.

  3. I have this one, and am eager to get started. Wingate is an amazing author, and just an all around good person. I can imagine having to start life over in a new place with new challenges must be difficult, especially when she has a new step-son to take care of. Excellent review today, Jennifer!

  4. I wasn't crazy about the last Wingate book I read. Glad to see you enjoyed this one.

  5. The preachy aspect is a turn off for me so I'll have to think about this book.