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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: The Registry by Shannon Stoker

Publisher:  William Morrow
Released: 2013
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5


Mia grew up to wholeheartedly believe in The Registry, it was her duty to get married and provide her parents with a profit. In Mia’s forward-thinking society, daughters were sold to the highest bidder, and infant sons were handed over to the government to be raised as soldiers. Parents wouldn't waste their money or effort in raising a son. Mia couldn't wait for her turn to get married; she believed that marriage was rewarding and luxurious. When Mia’s married older sister came home broken, bruised and trying to warn her about The Registry, Mia began to rethink marriage. Mia was further alerted when her parents blamed her sister for giving birth to boys, and promised her that married life would get easier if she would just give her husband a daughter. They sent her back home, and learned of her “unfortunate” death a few weeks later. Mia knew she had to stop her marriage and decide her own future. How could her parents be so heartless? Did they really see their daughters as transactions only? Mia decides she must run away with her best friend, and black mail her father’s hired farm worker to help them escape.


The Registry was an interesting read but I had many questions throughout the novel that weren't really addressed. I didn't love the characters, but I was curious about their situation. I wanted to know what would happen, so I kept reading. Mia is so sheltered and naive, and her escape was relatively easy which was hard for me to believe. Mia’s husband leads the chase and his enjoyment is revolting. He doesn't care about Mia but feels like it’s his right to punish her for running away. His character was loathing and his chase was too easy. I felt like he never really had any struggle to figure out where Mia has been and where she’s would be going. I felt like Mia’s situation was similar, she would have small obstacles but never really struggled along the way.

I did enjoy The Registry, and I would be interested if there was another book. I thought it was a fast read and that helped with the enjoyment. If the book was drawn out and my questions were still not answered, I wouldn't have enjoyed the book as much. I think this one is worth the read, but it won’t be a favorite of mine. 


  1. That sounds like a scary future!

  2. Not sure this is one for me - I find the "present" scary enough, haha.

  3. This one sounds interesting. I may give it a try.

  4. I feel similar as you towards this one. I do think it was an interesting premise, and could see myself picking up the sequel. But I do think in a lot of ways it fell short from what it could be.