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Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

Publisher: Harper Collins
Released: Feb 2014
Source: Publisher
Pages: 400
Rating: 5/5


Olivia and Zoe are best friends who dreams of being dancers. The girls dreams of being a dancer gets derailed, when they are told “there is no longer space for you” at the prestigious NYBC dance club, Olivia deals with it better than Zoe. Both girls have been dancing there since they were nine. Zoe decides that she must give it up completely and remove all reminders of dance from her life. Olivia continues to teach a dance class, and tries to remain positive. The two girls have no clue that this is such a minor obstacle compared to what’s about to come. Olivia is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Olivia is admitted to the hospital for rigorous treatment, and Zoe has to balance her life between school and visiting Olivia. School is torturous for Zoe, everyone pretends to suddenly be Olivia’s best friend and their concern for her is forced and fake. As Olivia’s health deteriorates, Zoe is worried that the family will stop her from visiting. Zoe doesn’t know how to cope, and worries when Olivia begins to tell her that she’s scared to die. 

My thoughts:

Maybe One Day will simply break your heart. Zoe and Olivia are your typical high school best friends, they can’t do anything unless they’re together. They will remind you of your own best friend relationships during high school. When Zoe is suddenly alone at school and Olivia is fighting for her life in a hospital bed, you really feel for the girls. The reaction of their peers is completely realistic, everyone pretends to be Olivia’s best friend, and the cheerleader’s are relentless in asking about her. Zoe has to standby and listen when they start forming charity drives in honor of Olivia. 

Zoe’s relationship with Olivia’s brother changes and they become closer, his best friend Calvin also becomes closer with Zoe. It takes Zoe some time to get over Calvin’s popularity and trust that he truly has her best interests at heart. When Zoe begins to realize that she has feelings for Calvin, the guilt kicks in because she knows Olivia has a crush on him. 

Olivia’s parents reaction of protectiveness is completely understandable, and heartbreaking. Their daughter’s prognosis is grim, and they refuse to accept her circumstance, they try to remain positive and keep Olivia as happy as possible.

Although, Maybe One Day is a young adult novel, I think it would appeal to many age groups. It’s raw, honest, and very emotional. When someone is diagnosed with an illness, many people are affected. When that person is a teenager, even more people seem shocked, and involved. I highly recommend this one! It will pull at your heart strings and leave you recommending this one to others. 

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  1. This does sound like a book that a lot of people can relate to.