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Monday, October 26, 2015

If we were having tea...

I saw this post on The Perpetual Page Turner and really wanted to try this. It seemed like such a great idea. She titled it “If we were having coffee” but I’m more of a tea person...

If we were having tea… I would tell you that I’m back home from vacation. Every year, my husband and his family moose hunt . It’s a huge tradition, and I look forward to it every year. The men are in the woods, and the women are home . I like to relax and plan nothing.  The road trip went well. Caleb was good, but did get sick on the way home. Rookie mom mistake:  bring more than one extra set of clothing and make sure to have extra clothing for YOU. We stopped half way, and made it home on Sunday.  

If we were having tea… I would tell you that I didn’t get much reading done but I am reading A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler and really enjoying it.  I’m hoping to finish in the next couple days. I’m watching Scandal and I’m about 6 episodes in.  I’ve also been watching some Youtube channels.

If we were having tea… I would tell you that I ordered a Happy Planner, and was so excited to get home and open the box. I want to buy some stickers, but living in Canada means the shipping is 10$ US which is way more than I want to spend. I’m trying to figure out some more affordable options. Maybe printable stickers, and buy sticker paper. So far, I’m enjoying it. I’ll probably do a review on the planner and what I’m using it for.

If we were having tea… I would share that I’m not a huge Halloween fan. I love Christmas but I have a hard time getting into Halloween. I’ll enjoy seeing Caleb trick or treatin’ but it’s not a favorite holiday.

If we were having tea.. I'd share that Caleb is almost 2, and I'm planning a Firetruck birthday theme. I want to make all the decorations, and I found some cute stuff on Pinterest. He is in love with firetruck's and buses at the moment. 


  1. Fun post! We made the same rookie parent mistake years ago.

  2. I saw this kind of post a few years ago and never took part but I am think this could be a fun way to interact with my readers.. Can I just say how much i love your tea pot...

    do you have the link for the happy planner? I am in the midst of looking for a planner.. have you ever checked dollarama for stickers? They have some pretty good ones

    I know what you mean about Halloween. I am so not a fan of it but i love taking Michael out

    hard to believe Caleb is almost two already. Where did the time go?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I purchased the Happy Planner on Amazon.com they shipped to Canada. I would also try Michael's. The packaging is bilingual, so maybe they sell them here. I have checked out Dollarama and bought some stickers. I'm looking for checklist stickers, and found some Canadian Etsy shops but I'm going to try stamps first. I'm also thinking about buying sticker paper and printing my own.