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Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Favorites

One of the new features I will include on my blog is my monthly favorites. This will be any items that I've been loving during that month. Unfortunately, for September I don't have any book favorites. I struggled with getting anything read. I'm hoping to change that in October. I also have vacation coming up and hoping to get some books read. My first favorite is going to be tea related. I've been loving David's Tea fall tea, and these two specifically are my go-to teas.

The Pumpkin Chai is so flavorful and great for fall. I bought these two in the 100g collectible tins. The tins are adorable and my picture doesn't do them justice. Peanut Butter Cup is an Herbal Tea and great for the evening. I didn't think it would really taste like a peanut butter cup but it does. These two I recommend if you're looking for fall teas.

This is the Melodysusie face wash machine. It vibrates on your skin and helps to remove dirt from clogged pores. I had seen alot of YouTubers raving about the Foreo Luna but it costs 200$ and I didn't want to spend that much. This one looks the same, I can't compare it because I've never used the Luna but this one leaves my face feeling so clean and smooth. I've had no problems with breakouts and I really enjoying using it every night. It costs me 36$ on Amazon and I would buy it again. If you're thinking about the Foreo Luna but the price tag is holding you back, try this one!

These two palettes are from Makeup Revolution an online UK brand, and I love their stuff. This month I've been using these two palettes the most. One is Matte and the other has both matte and shimmery colors. I'm a neutral girl and Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite brands. Their shipping is expensive, especially to Canada but it ships very fast and their makeup is very affordable. If you want to try out their stuff, sign up for their newsletter and you'll get 20$ off. You can shop in your currency which makes the site very user friendly. 

My last favorite item is my diffuser. You put the water in, your oil and the house starts to smell amazing. I love candles but don't trust myself to burn them anymore. I fall asleep so easily in the evenings that I can't trust myself. I also don't trust my dog or cat. This allows me to enjoy different scents and not risk burning down the house.

So, these are the items I've been loving for September. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I've really enjoyed getting back into blogging. I'm hoping to turn this blog into more of a lifestyle, mommy blog. Of course, I'll include books as well but I no longer feel pressured or stuck when I'm not reading as much.

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  1. Peanut butter cup tea? I need to check that out!