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Friday, January 22, 2016

Canada Reads 2016 Shortlist

Every year I get really excited for the Canada Reads competition and this year is no different. The competition will be in March, and I'm planning to read the 5 books before the debates. I'm really happy that Wab Kinew is back, I thought he did a fantastic job last year. I'm going to start reading Bone and Bread since I have this one already, and will get the purchase the others soon. The theme of the books this year is starting over, and second chances. Have you read any of these?

Here is a list of  the panelists:

From CBC:

As per tradition, this year's books and their high profile champions were revealed live on q! The 2016 contenders are:
  • Bruce Poon Tip, defending Birdie by Tracey Lindberg: "For all of us that care about reconciliation … this book opens that path."
  • Farah Mohamed, defending Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz: ​"For a fiction book, this book is incredibly real. You go on a roller coaster ride and at the end you feel like you know the characters"
  • Clara Hughes, defending The Illegal by Lawrence Hill: "It puts a face to the faceless and it brings a humanity to the struggle … it's a thriller that sweeps you along."
  • Adam "Edge" Copeland, defending Minister Without Portfolio by Michael Winter: "It's about falling flat on your face, dusting yourself off and how do you walk on."
  • Vinay Virmani, defending The Hero's Walk by Anita Rau Badami: "It shows us that each one of us can be a hero that can look change in the eye and walk a road that leads to transformation and betterment."

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  1. I'm excited for Canada Reads as well. I managed to get through the short list with a couple weeks to spare last year and attended the final day in person. Hoping to do the same again this year.