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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: Makeup Revolution London

I love, love, love Makeup Revolution London. Their products are amazing and affordable. The only con that I mention is the cost of shipping, but even with the cost of shipping, I find their products very affordable. They have dupes for high end products at a fraction of the price. I own alot of high end eye shadow palettes, and Makeup Revolution's quality is very, very close. Even though the products ship from London, it usually comes within 2 weeks. I also love that you can choose your own currency when shopping. It converts the costs and makes it very user friendly.

Some of my favorite products from them are:

The Naked Chocolate palette is 16.15$ Canadian, and it's a perfect everyday palette for me. I grab for this one alot. 

This is the I Heart Chocolate Palette that is an exact duplicate of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which retails in Canada for 59$. So, if you really love that palette but want something cheaper. This one is definitely worth it.

Their highlighter palette is amazing. It's great for every day, and you can built it up if you really want to. I'm fair skinned and this is perfect. Also, great for travel.

I have the first Lorac Pro palette, but they're very hard to purchase, if you live in Canada. I wanted the second palette, and decided to go with this one. It's perfect! The quality is great, the colors seems to be an exact match. This palette cost 14$ in the Makeup Revolution Store.

Overall, I would love to try more Makeup Revolution products. I also have their blush palettes, and love them.

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