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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Toddler Book Recommendations


Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry--and how they should control their tempers.

This is a current favorite that we read several times a week. Caleb loves the rhythm and he has it mostly memorized. I really want to pick up the other Dinosaur books soon.


Come along another adventure in Jon Scieszka's Trucktown! Meet Jack Truck--a four-year-old flatbed, 10-wheeler truck who loves racing, joking, smashing, and crashing throughout Trucktown!

Caleb loves anything/everything with trucks and tractors. He loves this book. It's fast and I can pair it with a longer book before bed. If your child loves firetrucks, trucks, tractors, you should check out Blippi on youtube. Caleb watches his channel on Roku and can tell you all the different kinds of trucks out there.


This deluxe storybook features two Little Critter stories in one book! In the first story, Little Critter enjoys a day in the city with his mom. Then boys and girls ages 3 to 7 can flip the book over to read about Little Critter's very first camping trip with his dad.

I loved Little Critter books when I was younger, and I'm so happy to be sharing these with Caleb. I'm raising a reader, and I hope to keep finding books that he loves.

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  1. I love the Little Critter books too. We've got a bunch of them but my Caleb is a bit too little for them still.