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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Canada Reads Day 3: My Reactions

Although, my lovely cute toddler gave me his cold. I was able to listen to Day 3 today. I really enjoyed today. I was happy that Bruce Poon Tip was called out for his comment about The Hero's Walk and India Reads. I don't think he realized how his comment could have been taken. All of these panelists are so passionate about their books. The debates are intense and so interesting. I wasn't sure how the vote would go today, but I was pleasantly surprised. You know my thoughts about Birdie...

Today's debates focused on storylines. This is where Birdie broke down for me. I respect Tracey Lindberg, I'm happy for her success but the story didn't work for me. It doesn't say anything about the writer or her book. No two people read the same book, and my opinion of Birdie was that it was so hard to follow. I couldn't just pick it up for a minute or two. I had to really sit down and try to understand it. I think readers will put it down and forget it because it's hard to read. At some point, I would like to read it again. I really do think that The Hero's Walk was a great book and the storyline was so great. It is timeless. I enjoyed The Illegal but I LOVED The Hero's Walk.

Tomorrow it will either be The Hero's Walk or The Illegal that will go.

Have I mentioned how much I've been enjoying this years Canada Reads?

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  1. I've also got my fingers crossed for The Hero's Walk!