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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Canada Reads 2016 Progress

I'm really excited for Canada Reads this year, since I enjoyed it so much last year. I wanted to read all the books before the discussions in March. So far, I've read Bone and Bread, Birdie and The Hero's Walk. I just started The Illegal. Bone and Bread was a reread for me, and I really enjoyed it the second time around. I thought it was a great read. Birdie, I didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would. I felt like it was a hard book to just pick up and read for a few minutes at a time. You really had to sit and read the book to get the full impact of it. I would love to reread this one at some point. The Hero's Walk stole my heart and I couldn't put that one down. I loved it, and I really want to read more of Badami's books. I started Illegal yesterday, and I don't really have an opinion at this one. After The Illegal, I have Minister Without Portfolio and then I'm done. I'm really proud that I've been getting through these books. My reading has been pretty slow and I finally feel like I'm enjoying it again.

Wab Kinew is no longer hosting this years show, and I was sad but I think it's great that he's running for NDP. The new host will be Gill Deacon. I'm not really familiar with her, but I'm sure the show will be great. She is the host for CBC's Here and Now.

From CBC:
The 2016 contenders are:
The debates will take place on March 21-24 on CBC Radio, CBC-TV and CBCbooks.ca.

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