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Friday, April 29, 2016

April Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

April was a good reading month. Of the four books I read, Medicine Walk was by favorite. That's not a surprise because Richard Wagamese is on of my favorite authors. I still have some of his books to read, and I'll slowly get to them. Here's a breakdown of my reading:

Confess by Colleen Hoover 3/5


I thought this was a interesting book but a little too dramatic for me. Auburn's high school sweetheart Adam passed away and now years later she moves to Texas. We know Adam was in the hospital in Texas, and now for some reason Auburn has returned. She meets Owen at his art studio, and for the first time in a long time, she's wants to explore their relationship further. The first half of the book was mysterious and the characters were not really holding my attention. Half way through the book, I really started to enjoy it but towards the end I just wanted to finish. Overall, I gave it 3 stars. I would have like a clearer picture from the beginning and I think I would have enjoyed it more. It also felt too coincidental that the characters all had a past with each other. I felt like that took away from the story.

The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian 3/5

I like this book, but it's not the type of book that I would normally pick up. A bachelor party turns into sex slaves killing their guards and trying to get away with it. The book was okay, but I had a hard time with it. The main character Richard, is struggling with legal issues and marital issues after this innocent bachelor party turns crazy. Everyone's life is turned upside down. The men seemed to really want pity and I couldn't. Even Richard, he wasn't that innocent. The ending wasn't very realistic to me. It was good, but I wouldn't want to read it again.

Bunheads by Sophie Flack 3/5


Bunheads has been on my reader for years, and I finally picked it up. I really enjoyed the ballerina world and Hannah trying to figure out if this career is really what she wants. I think all teenagers and young adults go through this stage. It's normal, it's realistic and she's sacrificed so much of herself. It's one of those books I liked but didn't love. I'm happy to finally have it checked off as read.

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese 5/5 


When Franklin Star is asked to go see his biological father Eldon, he's does so out of duty. His father has been in and out of his life, alcohol has always been a problem for Eldon. Now he's on his last days, and wants to set out into the woods with Franklin. What happens is a father comes clean to his son, and it's brutal and amazing.  Franklin deserved to know the truth and I was so happy that he got closure. Eldon started out as a despicable man, but throughout the book I saw how broken he really was. I loved this book!! Loved it.

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