Monday, September 5, 2016

5 Weird Ways I Save Money

1- Meal prep and keep an inventory of what's in my freezer.

 I stay withing my budget when shopping, by meal prepping and shopping with a list. I look at what's on sale, and meal prep around it. I also keep an inventory of my freezer items in my planner. This way I know what I already have when choosing meals. We also do one big grocery shop every 2 weeks, and then we only have to grab the few things that we're missing between those weeks. Milk and bananas...we always need to buy more milk and bananas...

2. Make my own bread.

I use my bread machine to make my dough, and I bake it in the oven. It does take time, but it's cheaper and so much more tastier. I will also make bread ahead and freeze it. I don't buy store bought bread very often. I've even made my own sandwich buns when I forgot to buy some.

3. I bring my own lunch, and prep my tea at home. 

This one took some time for me to learn. I'm not a leftovers girl, but I also don't like eating out very often. So why spend money on food, I'm not going to enjoy. It takes a little prepping the night before, but it saves me so much money. I also prepare my tea at home, put it in my travel thermos and enjoy it at work.

4. I don't keep any credit cards in my wallet. 

I'm on a journey to financial freedom, and I don't intend to use credit cards. If I have an emergency, I can transfer money out of my savings. I've been working really hard to becoming a better money manager. It's weird, because when I tell people I don't have a credit card in my wallet, they tell me "Oh, I would never do that." I haven't had a credit card in my wallet since January, and it's so nice. That temptation to over spend is not there.

5. I use cash for my spending money. 

My day to day spending money is cash. It's really interesting that once I started using cash for my personal spending money, I would hesitate before spending it. I wouldn't physically want to give up the cash, unless I really wanted it. I do shop online occasionally, but that's by paypal or my visa debit card, both are taken directly from a chequing account.

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  1. I do keep a credit card in my wallet but I never use it - it's for emergency use only. Keep up the good work!