Friday, September 30, 2016

Why Complete a No Spend Challenge?

A No Spend Challenge doesn't have to be a month, it can be whatever you want. Start with a week if you're scared to try a month. The goal is to reset your habits and evaluate yourself. When I started the challenge, I was eager and I had a plan. As the time when on it did get harder, but I also became more determined. If I found myself wanting to give up, I reset myself. If I failed, I decided to keep going. Don't give up because I bought 2 books.

 The whole reason I did this challenge was to stop myself from impulse buying. I wanted to see if the items I REALLY wanted at the beginning of the challenge, were still "must haves" now. Honestly, they're not. I've moved on.

When you complete a no spend challenge, be careful not to go spending crazy once it's done. That will defeat the purpose. You need to continue to be disciplined. Remember why you did it. Look at what you saved, and the goals you accomplished.

When you're finished the no spend evaluate if some of the things you gave up were really that hard. If giving up your coffee or eating your lunch out wasn't that big a deal. Maybe you can cut the budget for that? I learned how to avoid temptation, and stay busy when I would normally go window shopping.

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  1. I need to do this because I realize my spending is getting out of hand on impulse buys. Between books and planning stuff I really need to read and use what I have. Hmm time for inventory to scare me LOL have a good weekend Jennifer