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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Discussion: Gilmore Girls Revival

I watched the Gilmore Girls Revival, I binged watched all 4 episodes and was so happy to be back in Stars Hollow again. I watched Gilmore Girls when it was on the WB and then CW. Rory was always in the same stage as me school wise, and I related to her book loving ways. I loved that she was so motivated, and focused. When I finished that last episode, I felt disappointed. I could not longer relate to Rory.

First, Rory. What did Rory do in the last 9 years? She's now 32, living on different people's couches and doesn't seem to have the same drive. I'm okay with her not being sure about what she wants, but to be completely unemployed and not really doing anything about it, bothered me. Her relationship with Logan was also disappointing to me. I loved her and Logan together but to be the other woman again, and to be okay with that. NO, Rory... Why does she do this to herself again?? If Logan really loved you, he would forget about the "dynasty" and be with you. The life and death brigade coming back was great, but Logan ruined it by telling Rory he still planned to marry the Odette. Logan is to Rory what Christopher is to Lorelei. Jess seemed more mature than Rory. If the series continues, I would want her and Jess to be together.

Lorelei also seems to be at a standstill with the Dragonfly. I understood her, I thought she was believable. I expected her and Luke to be married or engaged already but I was okay with their ending. I was sad for Lorelei that she didn't have Sookie and Michel was on the verge of leaving. Sookie's scene was perfect. I loved it.

Emily and Richard was my favorite part of the revival. I thought Richard's death was dealt with perfectly. Emily reacted just as I expected, and I loved to see her figure out her life without Richard. I'm started to see this in my own family, widows learning to navigate a new world once their spouse is gone.

All in all, I felt these story lines would have worked much better when Rory was 22- not 32. I felt like Amy Sherman-Palladino kept her original ideas and hoped it would work nine years later. I think it worked, but not as well as it would have at 22. I enjoyed the episodes. I'll re watch the episodes but I still think Rory needs to get it together.

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