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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Favorite Authors

If you're a reader, I'm sure you have some authors that automatically end up on your "need to buy" list. These are the authors that we close one books and can't wait to pick up their next book. I'm always on the look out for these authors next releases.

Amy Hatvany is definitely one of my favorite authors, each and every book I've read by her has left me sad to leave those characters. Her books are thought provoking, and very unique. Best Kept Secret was the first book I read that I loved. It dealt with an alcoholic mother who was starting to unravel and a little boy stuck in the middle. Outside the Lines  was another great read that portrays a father who has a mental illness, and a little girl who loves her father. His mental illness directly impacts her life, but it's not easy navigate their relationship.

The Language of Sisters (Review)
Somewhere Out There (Review)
Heart Like Mine (Review)

Richard Wagamese is a native author that I adore. His books bring me to tears, I see myself in his pages, I see my family in his stories. He writes both non-fiction and fiction, and both genres are written really well. I haven't read all of his books, but I will get through them. Medicine Walk was in my top 3 books I read in 2016. A son honors his estranged father's dying wish by taking him for a long journey through the woods. The father finally explains his side of the story, and the son is given closure. If you're looking for a great read, or wanting to learn more about native culture, pick up one of this books. 

One Native Life (Review)
Indian Horse (Review)

Kate Morton's books are always a solid read. Her stories are intricately woven, and masterfully told. Each of her stories are unique, and filled with twists and turns. The first book I read was The Forgotten Garden, and her books never disappointed me. They're longer reads, but worth the time.

The House of Riverton
The Secret Keeper


  1. Kate Morton has been on myTBR forever. I really need to pick something up by her.