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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Canada Reads 2017 Shortlist

You guys, I'm so excited! I look forward to the Canada Reads debates every year and this year is no different. These are the 5 books that were chosen from the longlist. If  you haven't heard about Canada Reads- it's a yearly "battle of the books" that revolve around a theme. This year the theme is "What is the one book that Canadians need now?" These 5 books are new to me, and I will be reading them all and listening in to the debates in March.

Here are the contenders this year:

Can we take a moment to appreciate the diverse group of contenders? Canada is a diverse, multicultural country and this makes me so happy. I'm so excited that Candy Palmater is on the show this year. I tweeted her last year, hoping she would host the show when Wab Kinew wasn't able to host. She's a fellow native american, and Mik'maw. 

So far, I have The Break and Fifteen Dogs. The other books are on my wishlist. I'm jumping in and starting with The Break. 

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