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Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: London Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton

Book Review of London Belongs to Me

Stars: 4/5

Goodreads Description:

A New City A New Start. Same Old Demons.

Your flight is now boarding! Join Alex Sinclair for a life-changing, trans-Atlantic journey. London Belongs to Me is a coming-of-age story about friendship, following your dreams, and learning when to let go … and when to hang on.

Meet Alex, a recent college graduate from Tallahassee, Florida in love with London, pop culture, and comic cons. It’s not easy being twenty-one-years-old, and Alex has never been the most popular girl. She’s an outsider, a geeky fangirl … with dreams of becoming a playwright in a city she’s loved from afar, but never visited. Fleeing America after a devastating betrayal, she believes London is where she’ll be understood, where she belongs. But Alex’s past of panic attacks and broken relationships is hard to escape. When her demons team up with a jealous rival determined to destroy her new British life, Alex begins to question everything: her life-long dream, her new friends, and whether London is where she truly belongs.


I had seen this book around, and was curious about it since I had seen rave reviews. Stories that are set in University or characters just out of University really peak my interest. Alex Sinclair is a recent graduate living in Florida. Her mother is not  She heads to London to start her play writing career. She knows she's talented, but hopes that it will be enough. I immediately adored Alex, she's a very likable character and I connected with her right away. As she discovers London and learns that her room is nothing more than a walk in closet in her best friend Harry's house she soon realizes that Harry's girlfriend, Olivia is not the welcoming kind. 

Olivia wants to do every thing in her power to hurt Alex, and Alex is very naive. As she begins to meet new people and find her way, she grows as a person and doesn't feel so vulnerable. Alex meets an old friend named Lucy, and the two of them become inseparable. Lucy's friends are welcoming and Alex beings to build a new foundation in a town she loves.

London Belongs to Me was a very good read. I enjoyed Alex and her new found friends. This is a strong debut novel and I would love to read more from Middleton. The book caught my attention right from the beginning and held my interests throughout. Highly recommended. 

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